Defending Our Democracy

 Our right to vote is the sacred foundation of our democracy, and it’s under attack. National and state leaders have been peddling unfounded conspiracy theories about millions of illegal votes being cast to elect Democrats, and they’ve used these falsehoods to propose and implement regressive voter suppression legislation. While Minnesota has avoided implementing these, thanks to Democrats’ resolve to protect our right to vote, there have been numerous proposals to limit our collective right to vote, targeted mainly at those with less financial means. I pledge to oppose all forms of voter suppression and to advocate for laws that increase everyone. These include a constitutional amendment to guarantee free, fair, and equal elections, automatic voter registration for certain interactions with the state government, mailing ballots to all eligible voters to increase participation, and much more. Democracy works best when we all participate, and I believe our voting laws should encourage that.

Minnesota is already the national leader in voter turnout. We’re looked to as a national example for voting rights and voter turnout, and we can set an example on how to safeguard our democracy by:

Restoring the right to vote for formerly incarcerated Minnesotans

Pass ranked choice voting 

Implementing automatic voter registration for all eligible voters

Creating publicly financed and transparent elections

Banning partisan gerrymandering

Mailing ballots to all eligible voters

At the core of these goals is the belief that it should be easy for Minnesotans to vote, and that your vote should always be more powerful than wealthy interests and money in politics. We can remove a barrier to participation in our democracy by ensuring everyone can vote easily and conveniently. No matter who you vote for, it’s better for all of us when everyone’s voice is heard on election day.

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