Protecting Reproductive Rights

74% of Minnesotans support the right to access abortion care without government interference. With the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, this moment requires proven champions who will fight tirelessly to protect and expand access to abortion care, fight for full reproductive freedom, and achieve reproductive justice. Through my work with Gender Justice and UnRestrict Minnesota, I lead the largest reproductive health, rights, and justice coalition in the state of Minnesota. Over the last few years I have laid the groundwork for a statewide movement to show up to protect and expand our reproductive rights.

Protecting reproductive freedom and achieving reproductive justice is going to take all of us working together in this movement. My top priorities include:

Fighting to maintain to access to safe, legal and affordable abortion care

Repealing harmful abortion restrictions 

Passing comprehensive sex and consent education

Guaranteeing access to the full spectrum of contraception options

Eliminating the Black and Indigenous maternal mortality gap

Ensuring disabled Minnesotans have autonomy over their reproductive health decisions

The bottom line is abortion is health care, and health care is a human right. Every pregnancy and situation is different, and we can’t know all of the factors that go into someone’s decision. I have been so fortunate to choose how and when I became a parent, and I believe everyone deserves to make that same decision for themselves.

I know that we can’t just guarantee the right to abortion: we must expand all of our reproductive health infrastructure. Comprehensive sex education that includes information about consent is essential. We must repeal laws that require health care providers to give people seeking abortions medically inaccurate information and strike down arbitrary 24-hour waiting periods. Contraception must be readily available to anyone who needs it and we must fight to increase access to affordable childcare so that when someone chooses to have a child, they can be empowered to care for them.

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