Strengthening Our Economy

Minnesota has a strong, vibrant economy that spans multiple sectors. We have a high quality of life, substantial investment in public services, and we continue to grow as people move here and start families. Even with our successes, we still have work to do to stand up to corporate greed, ensure we have a strong economic future, and lower the price of goods and services for Minnesotans

We need housing to be deeply affordable to ensure everyone is able to pay their rent or mortgage. As your legislator, I worked tirelessly to do just this. I authored the bipartisan first-time home buyer savings program that became law and has helped many Minnesotans attain the goal of home-ownership. I authored legislation to increase the property tax refund amount that most Minnesotans are eligible for, a bipartisan bill to create rental assistance for Minnesotans with mental illness, and legislation to prevent family homelessness through state investment. Our government’s essential job is to ensure our citizens’ basic needs are met, and housing is one of these core needs. As your Senator, I will continue to ensure that all Minnesotans have the help they need to access secure and stable housing.  

During my time in office, job creation was one of my core policy focuses. Like housing, access to a job that pays a livable wage is essential. To this end, I chief-authored the Minnesota Investment Fund and the Minnesota Job Creation Fund, and a grant program to expand job opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Together, these bills would invest over $20,000,000 in job creation for Minnesotans, most of which goes directly into the pockets of communities like ours. While unrealized during my term in the legislature, these would remain top priorities of mine in the State Senate.

Finally, we need to drastically reduce healthcare costs and increase access to high quality care. I supported legislation to expand access to MinnesotaCare, and I support the creation of the Minnesota Health Plan today. The need for comprehensive healthcare for all Minnesotans could not be clearer as we see the cost of healthcare spiraling out of control. No person should be left with crippling medical debt after a healthcare emergency.

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